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Try Meal FAQ

1. What is Try Meal?

First time Dinnerful visitors love to try out our food before committing to monthly plan. Try Meal is offered at Promotional Discount Price with unbelievable savings. You will lose nothing to try but only saving money while planing starting your monthly plan. Try meal offers the same menu from Monday to Friday with limited availability. Try Meal starts at 10 AM Eastern Monday to Friday and is offered on a first come first serve basis.

Try meal package include: Three 16 OZ Entrees with 24 OZ Jasmine White Rice, good for a family dinner of Four (2 adults 2 children)

Try Meal Price:$20 for the whole package

2. Why Try Meal?

Know what you are ordering, how the food taste and how the services are like before you make your commitment to Dinnerful Monthly Plan. You can also order your dinner plan without Try Meal as there is no risk at all with free dinner plan cancellation

3. How it Works?

First time visitors log in and after enter their zip code, will see menus of current day with a Orange Button TRY MEAL. Click the button will lead you to the Try Meal Order page. Choose pick up or delivery based on options offered from local store and complete with Try Meal purchase. Make sure complete your profile with accurate information to avoid mistakes.

III. Order in one city and enjoying pick up or delivery in another city when available.

Note: Since the Try Meal price does not cover itself, Try Meal is only available to those first time customers who have not subscribe to any dinner plans.

4. Canceling Try Meal

Try Meal is entered before the last minute inventory is set and prepared. Therefore Try Meal can not be returned or refunded once ordered. After all it is a unbelievable deal to miss and there is nothing to lose.