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Prime Plan FAQ

1. What is Prime Plan

Prime plan is an added feature provided by Dinnerful. Prime plan gives Prime members ease and total control of their Dinner plan. Prime plan costs vary based on number of service days per week and months of service. Prime plan price can be found at order page and is updated when dinner plan days and months choice are made. Prime plan cost are minimal and ususally run for a few dollars per month. Prime plan can NOT be refunded when dinner plan order is canceled. Dinner plan can be canceled with no charges or penalties at any time with full refund of unused days.

2. How it Works

During order process, you will be given option to choose the Prime plan. Click to choose the option and you are good to go.

3. Prime Plan Offers Benefits Convenience with money savings

I. Make unlimited changes for FREE (saving $2 each time) by cancelling days with dinners you don't like or allergic to.

II. Change from Pick Up to Delivery on rainy snowy or sick days when service allowed.

III. Order in one city and enjoying pick up or delivery in another city when available.

IV. Pass order to your friends for Order days when you are on vacation by choosing other pickup or delivery locations.

V. More discounts and benefits to come in near future

4. Canceling Prime Plan

Prime plan is canceled when monthly dinner plan order is completely canceled. However, amount paid for prime plan can not be refunded due to high cost of processing comparing to the minimal cost of prime plan itself.