Real Estate Company

Our Slogan... Starting about prospects (in order not to be for us to grow the roof)


Our ambitions

1- The scope of the real estate company to be an elite companies
Real estate services in the Kingdom and the Gulf States
2- The Cree are a professional company in the provision of these
Services and solutions and providing real estate
Best professional services in ways
3- to open several branches in key areas
(Elkhobr – Qassim – Dubai)

4- Get the achievements qualify us for international confessions in real estate services and solutions.
5- Ay excellence careful to ask real estate products.
6- Pour the efforts to create a strong brand and industry leader General.


Our goals

Our objectives are divided into three phases:
The first stage: the fact that the acquisition of about 10% of the domestic market
Phase II: We will work on the acquisition of 20% to 30% of the market
Phase III will be the expected rate of 35% to 45%, God willing.

Pillars of our goals

Will be the cornerstone of our goals is to enhance the value of services thinking and a scientific approach to a comprehensive integrated Ay-built foundations and principles fixed.